Our videos images are requested !

Yes, the video images shot this year by our local team, Stephane Fournet and Leena Ballack strongly interest the CIVIS (community centers) and the IRT (Reunion Island Tourism).
The CIVIS has recovered some rushes of our footage in order to incorporate them into a tourism promotional film. The IRT has adopted the three clips that are currently posted on You Tube in order to show them on their stand during the exhibition Top Resa (tourism trade show) to be held in Paris around mid-September !
Maybe we'll finally see some recent windsurfing action from our events on the screens in the airplanes flying to La Reunion, because the images actually diffused in the promotional film show really old school windsurfing in the local lagoons !


Reunion Wave Classic 2011_Video teaser #2 !

Some ultimate changes were to make but here's our teaser #2... Stay tuned as our final video is on the way too... Be patient !

Winning team of the 3rd Reunion Wave Classic...

Happy boys : local captain Steven Pichot, pro riders Colin Sifferlen and Camille Juban compose the winning team of this year ! Congratulations !


Cool shortclip from Leon Jamaer feat. Camille Juban!

Check out this cool clip edited by Leon Jamaer, featuring Camille Juban in l'Etang Salé on the first days on the island... Nice light and nice action !

Ultimate report in the local newspaper...

Featuring Leon Jamaer...

Day 10_Reunion Wave Classic 2011_The results !

It’s yesterday night, during the closing ceremony held in St Pierre at the Longboard Café, that the results of this 3rd edition of “La Reunion Wave Classic 2011” were given. After 7 days of intense wavesailing action, 3 rounds completed with big jumps in nasty mast high waves and pure down the line in clean 10 feet barrels, 10 broken masts & 10 ripped sails, we’re proud to say that this event was another great success !

Best Team :
Steven Pichot/Colin Sifferle/Camille Juban with 23 points
Best pro rider :
Colin Sifferlen
Best local rider :
Pierre Godet
Best move of the event :
Camille Juban with a perfect air 360°
Worst Wipe out winner :
Camille Juban (crash #10 in the wipe outs video)

Some numbers : 8600 photos, 60 hours of video filming, 25 000 visits in 3 weeks on our website, 5600 views in 2 weeks for our 2 videos, 5 TV reports, more than 100 reports on the web, 7 articles in the local newspapers…

Teaser #2 is on the way, as well as a final video. Stay tuned !

We hope you enjoyed the contest ! Check back in or on our Facebook page for the next videos and see you next year !!!


Last TV report...

Last TV Report on channel Réunion Première, filmed during the kids clinic on saturday...

2 more reports in the local newspaper JIR

Day 10_relax before the Prize Giving...

Day 10_A bit of wind around St Pierre but not good waves in Ravine Blanche. Day off for the riders who have a meeting with local TV Réunion Première at 3pm for interviews. Latest news on our Facebook page.

Come and join us tonight at the Prize Giving of this another epic "Reunion Wave Classic", at Longboard Café @ 7pm tonight in St Pierre !!!