Day 2_Juban wins the Super Session !

If the wind and waves were not there this morning of the third edition of the “Reunion Wave Classic”, it was an opportunity for the riders to go and visit the local market of St Pierre. Total immersion in the crowd of the population of the island has allowed them to discover the wealth of local produces and local crafts. A good opportunity to make images that will appear in the next video to come soon.

Around noon, everyone gathered on the famous spot of Ravine Blanche. From there, the riders took their time for lunch because the wind was too light. At about 1pm, the waves rise up while the trade winds started to get stronger. Local organizer Pierre Godet decided to send everyone on the water to ensure a good show for a large public that started to gather on the beach.

At 2.30pm, waves are sometimes reaching over 12 feet. The wind is very irregular, side shore, but there is still a possibility to exploit the conditions. A "1h super session" is so improvised. Riders will be judged on overall impression by other local riders. We keep the best 3. The public is in the place, as the music, the show can start!

While this afternoon, the wind rather favored light weights, a good knowledge of the local spot and a solid experience in the waves were required to make the most of these already hardcore conditions, with gusty wind and mushy waves. Camille Juban provided a great show. He perfectly knows the spot as he was there on the two previous editions. He has an amazing surf style and a super timing. With a huge Air 360 landed on the tube, the young Guadeloupean ripper wins the super session! With his powerful style, deep bottoms and fat rollers always launched in the critical section of the biggest sets of the day, Julien Taboulet finished a close second. The good surprise comes from Jules Denel ! Jules showed today a remarkable potential with a very easy adaptation to this difficult and technical spot. With some solid rides and a huge aerial slammed on a large section, he finished third.

Not yet any official round on this ‘Reunion Wave Classic’, but still some beautiful images captured in order to show the potential of the local spots and the public's enthusiasm for this type of spectacular local event!

If tomorrow Sunday, the wind is supposed to be lighter, the best is yet to come for the next days : a huge swell with a good period and with strong wind !

Camille ready to fly over the lip ! ©rwc2011/Calvet

The 3 winners of the day ©rwc2011/Calvet

Day 2_No rush...

It's 10.15 and there is not much wind right now in St Pierre. A bit of waves still in Ravine Blanche but no need to hurry this morning as the forecast is not as good.
This is a perfect timing to go and cruise with the boys on the typical local market of St Pierre. The video staff will make some lifestyle images to be included in the upcoming videos. Stay connected then to our facebook page around 1pm to know what we do and where we are...


First reports in the local newspapers...

Here are the first reports (french) we've had in the local newspapers. We'll keep you updated with that too all along the contest. Just click to enlarge the articles...

Day 1_Warm up in Ravine Blanche for local Tv’s...

After an excellent opening party last night at the Longboard Café in St Pierre where the teams were drawn, the organization and the riders met today at noon in Ravine Blanche for a first possible round.

 Conditions were looking good with moderate wind and good waves up to 2.50m or more in the biggest sets.

The sailors jumped into the water for a cool warm up in front of the cameramen of local TV channels that will broadcast two reports in their 7pm newscasts.

The riders were able to take the temperature of the spot and score some good waves.

A first time for Jules Denel who discovers the island of La Reunion: "I'm happy to be here. I could surf yesterday, windsurf today, it's ideal to get into the mood before facing some serious stuff next week. I am also pleased to partner with Julien Taboulet because he is my "mentor" as he took me on my early wave stages of the World Cup. Teams seem pretty balanced, but I think we should keep an eye on Steven’s because Camille Juban and Colin Sifferlen are very strong here, they both rip and they already know the spot!".

Also for young German Leon Jamaer, facing the waves of the Reunion Island is a premiere. He has already tasted the power of the local elements as he lost his sail after he broke his mast, on the day of his arrival. However, he remains positive : "Being in the team of Pierre Godet is motivating. He is apparently the best local so he has good advices. The spots seems to be a little dangerous with current, sea urchins, jellyfishes and sharks, but the waves are so beautiful that I think it's worth taking a few risks!".
Unfortunately for the riders and the public, the sky got cloudy by mid-afternoon. The wind dropped and the waves too. End of the show. See you tomorrow, certainly in Ravine Blanche because the conditions still appear favorable for another afternoon of windsurfing before it becomes calm on the south shores of the island for the weekend.
The calm before the storm? The forecast announces the return of strong winds and big waves from Monday. Perfect timing for the 3rd edition of this Reunion Wave Classic!
Ravine Blanche's line up today... ©rwc2011/Calvet

Ravine Blanche today...

We'll be at Ravine Blanche today around 12am... Looks like there are wind and waves. Good for a warm up ! See you there !

No live ticker but find some news on our facebook page. Full resume of the day later tonight, with some pics...

Teams were drawn, action is now ready to start in La Reunion !

Here are underneath the results of the teams drawn last night during the opening ceremony, attended by sponsors and partners: 

Team 1 
: Pierre Godet 
- Tom Hartmann 
- Leon Jamaer

Team 2 
: Steven Pichot 
- Colin Sifferlen 
- Camille Juban

Team 3 : 
Sylvain Bourlard 
- Jules Denel
 - Julien Taboulet

The competition officially begins today, Friday. The weather forecast seems to indicate a decrease of the wind with a return to the east, but there is something to do around Ravine Blanche before the wind drops down completely this weekend. In any case, the organizer Pierre Godet is confident as there is an optimal forecast for the next week, with big waves and strong winds! 

As the competition lasts 10 days, no doubt that this third edition of the « Reunion Wave Classic » will see again some epic and radical action! Stay tuned !


Today's news...

No "live ticker" this year on the "Reunion Wave Classic" but you can still be informed about what's going on by having a look from time to time at our Facebook page. This will be updated as much as possible so you know where we are and what we do from friday morning, as the competition starts.

11.45 news : not much wind right now in St Pierre but some waves are peeling in Etang Salé. Free session for all today so some of the boys are out for a surf session in Etang Salé. Tom and Wesh are tuning their equipment and sticking their sails. Still some things to do for the organization before tonight's Opening Ceremony @ 7pm at the Longboard Café in St Pierre. So see you later this evening !


A perfect landing...

This could be a good post title after a good jumps session, but we're not talking about jumps actually ! Just that some of the riders landed in good conditions at around 9am this morning at Roland Garros airport. Pierre Godet, the local organizer, was there with some locals to welcome the Taboulet family, Camille Juban and Jules Denel, as well as myself and the photographer Gilles Calvet.

As we were on the way to St Pierre, we could see that there was some swell outside on the reefs of St Leu and la Pointe au Sel. Right after a quick lunch and all bagages left at our "guest house", Leon Jamaer (who already has tasted the power of the waves from Ravine Blanche yesterday !), Jules Denel and Camille Juban jumped into the waters of la Pointe au Sel with sails from 4.2 to 5.0, in head high hollow waves breaking very close to the sharp reef. Just a small warmup for the boys to see the potential of this super hardcore down the line pointbreak !

Tonight will arrive Austrian rider Tom Hartmann. Colin Sifferlen is expected only on the 27th as there are not daily flights from New Caledonia. Whatever, the teams drawn will be done tomorrow during the Opening Ceremony, as usual, and the forecast seems to be pretty ok for the rest of the week ! So we'll have enough time to celebrate this 3rd edition and then get used to the local vibes...

Opening Ceremony and press conference @7pm at the Longboard café tomorrow. We'll then keep you updated about the 3 teams led by local captains Pierre Godet, Steven Pichot and Sylvain Bourlard. Stay tuned !

Jamaer on a clean one... ©RWC 2011/Calvet
Local spot... Jamaer and Denel on their way back... ©RWC 2011/Calvet


The event's program...

Check out the 2011 Reunion Wave Classic program. It's all written in French right now but just leave us the time to do the trip to the island. We'll translate it as soon as we are arrived in St Pierre de La Reunion tomorrow morning (+2h from Paris).

The beach cleaning is maintained like last year, followed by a cool party on the beach of Ravine Blanche. Also introduced last year, the riders will take on their time to teach windsurfing to young local kids from St Pierre !

And for sure, do not miss the famous opening & closing ceremonies (Aug. 25th and Sept. 4th, 7pm @ the Longboard Café in St Pierre) !

Click the program to enlarge !


Some news about the qualification trials and the upcoming forecast...

The 2 qualified locals to enter this year the 3rd "Reunion Wave Classic", Steven Pichot and Sylvain Bourlard, talk to us about the conditions they meet since the beginning of the winter on their island. Unusual forecasts this year they say, so it's been tough to launch the qualifications trials...

"We have had a very special early winter this year, with little wind and some days warm temperatures like in summer. With the lack of wind, it was difficult to launch qualifications trials... Pierre was pre-qualified. Selections were done with a double elimination. The simple was run in two days, on June 29 and then July 16 as the wind dropped down on the first day. I won this simple. The double was run on August 7 but we have not made it up to the finals. But in the semi-finals of the double, Sylvain wins ahead of Loïc and Walerian.
As for the weather of the upcoming week, it seems not too bad but the system does not seem very reliable. So let's wait a bit to refine this forecast..."

Steven, launching a goyter during the last RWC ©Calvet/Open Ocean Media

"In 2011, the conditions are really unusual. There were a few sessions, which has complicated the trials that were long and difficult. Pierre, winner of the previous edition, was already qualified. For other places, a double elimination was started on 2 weekends in July and August. Steven won the single ahead of me and I won the double. I finished second overall, which allowed me to be qualified this year.
The weather forecast appears optimistic for the next days. It looks like wind and waves will be there for the 3rd Reunion Wave Classic !"

Sylvain on a fat ride in St Leu... ©DR