Day 2_Juban wins the Super Session !

If the wind and waves were not there this morning of the third edition of the “Reunion Wave Classic”, it was an opportunity for the riders to go and visit the local market of St Pierre. Total immersion in the crowd of the population of the island has allowed them to discover the wealth of local produces and local crafts. A good opportunity to make images that will appear in the next video to come soon.

Around noon, everyone gathered on the famous spot of Ravine Blanche. From there, the riders took their time for lunch because the wind was too light. At about 1pm, the waves rise up while the trade winds started to get stronger. Local organizer Pierre Godet decided to send everyone on the water to ensure a good show for a large public that started to gather on the beach.

At 2.30pm, waves are sometimes reaching over 12 feet. The wind is very irregular, side shore, but there is still a possibility to exploit the conditions. A "1h super session" is so improvised. Riders will be judged on overall impression by other local riders. We keep the best 3. The public is in the place, as the music, the show can start!

While this afternoon, the wind rather favored light weights, a good knowledge of the local spot and a solid experience in the waves were required to make the most of these already hardcore conditions, with gusty wind and mushy waves. Camille Juban provided a great show. He perfectly knows the spot as he was there on the two previous editions. He has an amazing surf style and a super timing. With a huge Air 360 landed on the tube, the young Guadeloupean ripper wins the super session! With his powerful style, deep bottoms and fat rollers always launched in the critical section of the biggest sets of the day, Julien Taboulet finished a close second. The good surprise comes from Jules Denel ! Jules showed today a remarkable potential with a very easy adaptation to this difficult and technical spot. With some solid rides and a huge aerial slammed on a large section, he finished third.

Not yet any official round on this ‘Reunion Wave Classic’, but still some beautiful images captured in order to show the potential of the local spots and the public's enthusiasm for this type of spectacular local event!

If tomorrow Sunday, the wind is supposed to be lighter, the best is yet to come for the next days : a huge swell with a good period and with strong wind !

Camille ready to fly over the lip ! ©rwc2011/Calvet

The 3 winners of the day ©rwc2011/Calvet

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