Some news about the qualification trials and the upcoming forecast...

The 2 qualified locals to enter this year the 3rd "Reunion Wave Classic", Steven Pichot and Sylvain Bourlard, talk to us about the conditions they meet since the beginning of the winter on their island. Unusual forecasts this year they say, so it's been tough to launch the qualifications trials...

"We have had a very special early winter this year, with little wind and some days warm temperatures like in summer. With the lack of wind, it was difficult to launch qualifications trials... Pierre was pre-qualified. Selections were done with a double elimination. The simple was run in two days, on June 29 and then July 16 as the wind dropped down on the first day. I won this simple. The double was run on August 7 but we have not made it up to the finals. But in the semi-finals of the double, Sylvain wins ahead of Loïc and Walerian.
As for the weather of the upcoming week, it seems not too bad but the system does not seem very reliable. So let's wait a bit to refine this forecast..."

Steven, launching a goyter during the last RWC ©Calvet/Open Ocean Media

"In 2011, the conditions are really unusual. There were a few sessions, which has complicated the trials that were long and difficult. Pierre, winner of the previous edition, was already qualified. For other places, a double elimination was started on 2 weekends in July and August. Steven won the single ahead of me and I won the double. I finished second overall, which allowed me to be qualified this year.
The weather forecast appears optimistic for the next days. It looks like wind and waves will be there for the 3rd Reunion Wave Classic !"

Sylvain on a fat ride in St Leu... ©DR

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