Teams were drawn, action is now ready to start in La Reunion !

Here are underneath the results of the teams drawn last night during the opening ceremony, attended by sponsors and partners: 

Team 1 
: Pierre Godet 
- Tom Hartmann 
- Leon Jamaer

Team 2 
: Steven Pichot 
- Colin Sifferlen 
- Camille Juban

Team 3 : 
Sylvain Bourlard 
- Jules Denel
 - Julien Taboulet

The competition officially begins today, Friday. The weather forecast seems to indicate a decrease of the wind with a return to the east, but there is something to do around Ravine Blanche before the wind drops down completely this weekend. In any case, the organizer Pierre Godet is confident as there is an optimal forecast for the next week, with big waves and strong winds! 

As the competition lasts 10 days, no doubt that this third edition of the « Reunion Wave Classic » will see again some epic and radical action! Stay tuned !

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