Day 1_Warm up in Ravine Blanche for local Tv’s...

After an excellent opening party last night at the Longboard Café in St Pierre where the teams were drawn, the organization and the riders met today at noon in Ravine Blanche for a first possible round.

 Conditions were looking good with moderate wind and good waves up to 2.50m or more in the biggest sets.

The sailors jumped into the water for a cool warm up in front of the cameramen of local TV channels that will broadcast two reports in their 7pm newscasts.

The riders were able to take the temperature of the spot and score some good waves.

A first time for Jules Denel who discovers the island of La Reunion: "I'm happy to be here. I could surf yesterday, windsurf today, it's ideal to get into the mood before facing some serious stuff next week. I am also pleased to partner with Julien Taboulet because he is my "mentor" as he took me on my early wave stages of the World Cup. Teams seem pretty balanced, but I think we should keep an eye on Steven’s because Camille Juban and Colin Sifferlen are very strong here, they both rip and they already know the spot!".

Also for young German Leon Jamaer, facing the waves of the Reunion Island is a premiere. He has already tasted the power of the local elements as he lost his sail after he broke his mast, on the day of his arrival. However, he remains positive : "Being in the team of Pierre Godet is motivating. He is apparently the best local so he has good advices. The spots seems to be a little dangerous with current, sea urchins, jellyfishes and sharks, but the waves are so beautiful that I think it's worth taking a few risks!".
Unfortunately for the riders and the public, the sky got cloudy by mid-afternoon. The wind dropped and the waves too. End of the show. See you tomorrow, certainly in Ravine Blanche because the conditions still appear favorable for another afternoon of windsurfing before it becomes calm on the south shores of the island for the weekend.
The calm before the storm? The forecast announces the return of strong winds and big waves from Monday. Perfect timing for the 3rd edition of this Reunion Wave Classic!
Ravine Blanche's line up today... ©rwc2011/Calvet

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