A perfect landing...

This could be a good post title after a good jumps session, but we're not talking about jumps actually ! Just that some of the riders landed in good conditions at around 9am this morning at Roland Garros airport. Pierre Godet, the local organizer, was there with some locals to welcome the Taboulet family, Camille Juban and Jules Denel, as well as myself and the photographer Gilles Calvet.

As we were on the way to St Pierre, we could see that there was some swell outside on the reefs of St Leu and la Pointe au Sel. Right after a quick lunch and all bagages left at our "guest house", Leon Jamaer (who already has tasted the power of the waves from Ravine Blanche yesterday !), Jules Denel and Camille Juban jumped into the waters of la Pointe au Sel with sails from 4.2 to 5.0, in head high hollow waves breaking very close to the sharp reef. Just a small warmup for the boys to see the potential of this super hardcore down the line pointbreak !

Tonight will arrive Austrian rider Tom Hartmann. Colin Sifferlen is expected only on the 27th as there are not daily flights from New Caledonia. Whatever, the teams drawn will be done tomorrow during the Opening Ceremony, as usual, and the forecast seems to be pretty ok for the rest of the week ! So we'll have enough time to celebrate this 3rd edition and then get used to the local vibes...

Opening Ceremony and press conference @7pm at the Longboard café tomorrow. We'll then keep you updated about the 3 teams led by local captains Pierre Godet, Steven Pichot and Sylvain Bourlard. Stay tuned !

Jamaer on a clean one... ©RWC 2011/Calvet
Local spot... Jamaer and Denel on their way back... ©RWC 2011/Calvet

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