This time, the local organization and the local riders are happy to welcome new names such as young Leon Jamaer (21) from Germany, Jules Denel (21) from France, and Tom Hartmann (31) from Austria. If Hartmann and Denel already shared some cool waves on the last edition of the Fuerteventura Wave Classic in February, Jamaer is going to be part for the first time of this kind of "open event".

Definitely addicted to the waves of La Reunion since the 1st edition of "La Reunion Wave Classic", Camille Juban (21) from Guadeloupe and Julien Taboulet (31) from France will do the trip again this year ! We are also very happy to welcome again (he was part of the 1st edition too) talented ripper Colin Sifferlen (26) from New Caledonia.


Leon Jamaer
"The images that have been spread around the world from the previous " Reunion Wave Classics" were absolute mind blowing. A remote tropical island with side-offshore winds and perfectly peeling waves - I think that's what every windsurfer dreams about. I am happy to be part of the event this year. It has a totally different set up than the worldtour stops. I am excited to see if the conditions can top the previous years!"

Jules Denel
"The last images I have in mind about the Reunion Wave Classic are all the videos and pictures that were spread on the internet and the magazines : big waves, vertical turns, big 
aerials, blue waters and good atmosphere... All of this was amplified
when in Klitmoller Camille showed me on his computer all the videos of the RWC ! I was crazy ! I think this is why I really want to come this year in La Reunion."

Tom Hartmann
"First thing that comes up to my mind when thinking of the Reunion Wave Classic are the radical images from the event 2 years ago … big powerful waves and a bunch of riders that where charging it hard. This footage showed how spectacular windsurfing can be and moved the island of Reunion into the spotlight of the windsurfing world. I like this kind of down the line wavesailing conditions that are similar to Mauritius and it is already a long time plan for me to sail the breaks of Reunion, that’s why I am happy to take part this year and give it a go. So I hope we get some good conditions and I guess the action will be on again!"

Camille Juban
"I come back to La Reunion again this year because I know I'm gonna sail in good portack conditions before the World Cup in Denmark so it's a good training. It's also good to sail  with some strong guys without any pressure. There is a bit of prize money, breakfast, accomodation and transport are offered and we have a great coverage. In top of it, we have had sick conditions the last 2 years. To me, there is no way to miss an opportunity like that! The best souvenir I have was the first year of the event, when everyone was discovering the place as we were having the most hardcore conditions I have ever seen !"

Colin Sifferlen
"The first time I came to La Réunion in 2009 was a really cool experience: nice people, nice waves like in New Caledonia but closer to the shore... Perfect! I stopped PWA because I wanted to come back in NC to surf good waves... "La Reunion Wave Classic" is a good event because you can show what's windsurfing about in conditions you like. My best souvenir from the 2009 edition is when all the riders and RWC organizers are chillin on the beach after a good windsurfing session, or other early morning good surfing session..."

Julien Taboulet
"This is my 3rd time in La Reunion, this place is so amazing ! The local people, the landscapes and, of course, the waves... Me, my wife and my kids will not miss the best radical windsurfing contest of the year ! There are so many good memories here, La Ravine Blanche the first year with big waves, Etang Salé the second year with endless rides... Why not La Pointe au Sel this year ?"


Pierre Godet
"This year we are the unique organizers of the "Reunion Wave Classic" through our association "Reunion Windsurf". We have completed the first two editions in exceptional conditions of wind and waves, we expect even better this year. We have spent a lot of energy on this project with the help of our partners. We are now in the starting blocks for a great show. It's just a bit sad that some top riders declined the invitation to our contest, maybe because they fear the local extreme conditions ;-)... "

Sylvain Bourlard

"On the previous editions, the level and commitment of the riders were really impressive. See them sailing in perfect waves conditions was delicious. I hope it will continue this year. I am very pleased to participate in an event like the "Reunion Wave Classic". This is my first competition as I am more accustomed to trips. I intend to make the most of it, to have fun and try to challenge myself."

Steven Pichot
"My best souvenir of the past editions is the ability of the pros to adapt themselves to the conditions and make the most of it. Always at the right place in waves they do not know or not much, to launch a sick roller or get out of a bad situation in an instant. As for me this year, I will try to approach the contest with less pressure than in the past to make the most of the conditions and the ambiance."