Day 3_Another try in Ravine Blanche !

It started pretty good today in Ravine Blanche where the wind and waves were finally much more better than yesterday : perfect mast high glassy barrels with a moderate side shore wind ! So it did not took long to the riders to jump into the water to enjoy these top conditions for a short warm up before a first possible start planned at 1pm.

Unfortunately, the wind decided to play with the nerves of the sailors as it dropped down right after the 2nd call at around 2pm. Not enough to launch a first official round today, so the organization decided to send the boys on the water again in the afternoon for another free session, also because there was a massive crowd that gathered on the beach to watch the show on this sunday.

Some riders could take the best out of these tricky conditions as there were still some nice sets to score. A good timing was required not to break any gear and this is what Jules Denel (ripped sail and broken mast) and local rider Sylvain Bourlard (destroyed sail) has learned today ! Pierre Godet and Steven Pichot went out again at the end of the the afternoon to score some more sets despite a very light wind.

Well, that was not the best day since the start of the event so far, but the forecast is still looking really good from tuesday with big swell and strong wind. No need to stress about tomorrow so, as this monday should see another day without much wind.

Find some news and photos of the day on our Facebook page, and few action shots in the "photos" section of our website.

The local beach of Ravine today... ©rwc2011/Calvet

Sylvain Bourlard, before he destroyed his sail ! ©rwc2011/Calvet

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