Day 8_Sifferlen wins the "best jump session" in Ravine Blanche !

If the conditions were not really good in l’Etang Salé this morning, the RWC crew decided to move quickly to Ravine Blanche. There, it was still very windy with still some good 8 feet sets ! That was a perfect timing for the organization to launch the “Best Jump Session” with a 500 € prize money, in order to ensure another great show before the end of the contest  !
Serious conditions for big jumps today in Ravine ©rwc2011/Calvet
It’s from 2pm that the riders started to prepare their gear before entering the arena all together for the Super Session. One goal : launch a maximum of jumps on the liquid walls of Ravine Blanche ! The judges will select one and only one jump, the highest, the most radical and the most technical.
From 2.30pm, that was an explosive show ! If we have had during more than 6 days of intense sailing, more surf oriented action as in the waves of Ravine Blanche as in the waves of l’Etang Salé, this time the riders were sent on the water to offer a festival of big jumps. There, the level was so high that it was comparable to the World Cup’s!
Denel ripped hard this afternoon ! ©rwc2011/Calvet
In these conditions, 30 knots of wind and mast high ramps, that was a tricky battle between Denel and Sifferlen. If Denel scored with huge one handed backloops and perfectly landed double forwards, Sifferlen replied with a late high forward, backloops and air chachoo’s. But he also nailed an awesome dry late double forward ! Young german Jamaer was also on fire today and showed a very good potential with insane tweaked pushloops, pushloop forwards and very high late forwards !
Sifferlen wins with his late double forward ! ©rwc2011/Calvet
These 3 riders were emerging on the spot this afternoon. But finally, after the judges decision to count only ONE jump - the most radical – it’s Neo Caledonian Sifferlen who comes back home with the 500 € prize money offered by local sponsor “Ciel et Terre”, thanks to his huge late double forward.

The end of the day will end with a cool beach cleaning and BBQ party on the beach organized by local association “Reunion Windsurf”. Not much wind forecasted for tomorrow, so time to relax and party !
Jamaer, no fear with 3 pushloop into forward attempts! ©rwc2011/Calvet

Tomorrow, the riders will do a clinic with some kids around La Saline. They will teach the basics of windsurfing with the collaboration of local windsurf club CNO. The afternoon will be devoted to rest or discover the beauties of the Reunion island.
Afters 3 rounds, Steven Pichot’s team is still leading the ranking thanks to Sifferlen’s 3
times victories, and scores a nice 23 points, which is a nice advance ahead of the team of
Sylvain Bourlard (17 points) and Pierre Godet (14 points).

Our new video of the “Worst Wipe Outs” is now available ! So now YOU can VOTE for the
best of it, up to sunday 5th 5pm on our website!


Do not forget you can still watch from now the first video teaser here : http://reunionwaveclassic2011.blogspot.com/2011/08/1st-video-teaser.html
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