Why do not we upload all our daily pictures?

Do not think that our photographer is selfish ;-) ! ©Open Ocean Media
Yes, it's true, we keep the best shots of our photographer for the specialized magazines because that's the way (we think) it is if we want to take advantage of an important coverage worldwide ! ALL our photos are free for those mags.

For sure, we would like to spread our daily pictures through the internet, but if we do that we're not sure to get that much pages and reports in the best mags. For our sponsors, partners and also for the riders, the printed articles in these magazines are very important, sometimes more than the internet feedback.

It was a time when we were used to post online about 20 shots per day with super cool action from the riders. But we have noticed that afterwards, it was difficult to propose the same shots to the magazines 1 month after it's been seen by everybody on the web, even if all our pictures were for free. So we apologize for the fact that we do not upload that much photos this year, as on Facebook as on our blog. For us, this is a way to perpetuate this event in La Reunion.

For your information, the RWC took advantage of a great coverage since the 1st edition (have a look here for the 2010 edition !):
- 115 dedicated pages in the specialized magazines
- 3 magazines covers
- 150 reports on the web
- 25 articles in the local press
- 30mn of TV broadcast

Thanks to this coverage, we can still convince new sponsors and make the event happen again from year to year. So we hope we can still keep it like this ! Thanks for your understanding and watch our 1st video teaser and the next ones (coming soon) to enjoy the riders' actions.

Also, you can check the galleries of local amateur photographers :

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