Day 4_"Day off"...

As predicted by the forecast, the cloud cover was important today on the southern island of la Reunion. It even has rained on St Pierre this morning.

Around 10 am, the riders went to Etang Salé where, according to the 1st informations, there would be sun, some wind and some waves. Unfortunately, the clouds still extended up to this beautiful black sand beach where we also had some rainshowers. Not enough wind to "ride" the waves but enough waves to surf, simply. The riders will agree for a break after three days of intense sailing in the waves of Ravine Blanche.

Lunch was then taken on a beach located a little further in the south, previously unexplored in the previous editions of the “Reunion Wave Classic". The wind was skicking in, but the waves were too small. After a last hope by returning to the spot of Ravine Blanche, the riders finally went back to surf to Etang Salé, just to relax before going back on the water to face the waves and the wind announced tomorrow and especially on Wednesday.

Cool spot ! But too small waves... ©Open Ocean Media

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